Sunday, November 23, 2014

2 months

This cutie is now 2 months old!! At times it seems like he can't be this big already, and at other times it seems like we've had him a lot longer than 2 months!

Our adjustment to parenthood has been great!! Thanks to Ben. Seriously he is the angel baby of all angel babies. I am just waiting for the shizz to hit the fan, because I know that he can't be such an amazing/easy child forever. When talking about his sleeping patterns, eating habits and lack of crying people tell us we are so lucky because we have it easy--but hey, ill take it.

I read the book Babywise, and while I am not 100% convinced that all their methods are the best, I did decide to do their "feed, wake, sleep" cycle that is suppose to help them sleep 8 hours by the time they are 8-10 weeks. Basically I just feed Ben right when he wakes up, then we change him, play and do tummy time, and by the time he starts yawning and making 'fussy' noises we put him down.

 Ben most recently will go for one 7-8 hour stretch between feedings at night, and then right after another 4 hour stretch, meaning lots of sleep for mom!! yay!!

Due to the fact that he sleeps so well at night, Ben will eat every 2 1/2 - 3 hours during the day, which was very different from the 4 hour naps he would take a month ago. It nice that his schedule is becoming more predictable and that he is packing in the hours at night instead of during the day.

When Ben was around 3 weeks old Brigham would make funny faces at him and say, "open your mouth and say AHHH." Ben would just look up at Brig with those big eyes and stare, but now it is his favorite thing in the world. He started to mimic opening his mouth and making noises soon after, and now all we have to do is say "AHH" and Benny will break out into the biggest of grins and start cooing and imitating. At times when I just look at him he will instigate the "Ahhing" and gets so giddy when I understand that he wants to sing together.

We got this play gym at target, and I couldn't be happier! Ben loves the red fox and the hedgehog that sings "rock a bye baby." We will put him on it, and he usually can chill there and wriggle his arms and legs around for a while until he gets tired. He also loves playing with his voice and making all kinds of different noises.

Sometimes I catch Ben looking at my face and smiling. It is the best feeling in the world. He loves his momma :)
The hardest thing so far would have had to been when I had mastitis (absolute worst thing ever), and a cold. And because I had a cold, Benny did too. Poor Benny was pretty congested for at least a week, and while we did all we could to help ease his congestion (humidifier, baths, raised mattress) it still was the pits. Ben couldn't sleep for very long because he had a hard time breathing and he just simply didn't feel well. Plus he was having tummy aches from the antibiotics I was on for the mastitis. Poor guy. However, I am happy to say that we are both healthy and anxiously awaiting our next doctors appointment so his pediatrician will give us the go ahead for going out more. Currently, we are advised to not take him places with lots of people. Also, we cant really go outside anymore because its too cold, plus the entire city is anxiously checking all news outlets for a decision about the Michael Brown shooting in case riots start happening again. Us included. So we have been cooped up in our cozy apartment and I am getting a little stir crazy. Christmas in KC with family can't come soon enough!!  

We sure love this little guy!!

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