Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello All!!!

Well, guess what? I am returning to the blogger sphere! I know its been like a year and a half since I've blogged so hopefully I can keep it up on a regular basis. I feel like the next step would be to do a wedding post.... and I will once I get my wedding video... yes, I realize its been over a year and yes I still dont have it (mini freak out session). However, my videographer has assured me its still coming (please cross your fingers with me!!). He is doing it for free :).

Anyways, most of the people who read this blog know I just graduated (WOOOOO HOOOOOO)!!! Let me tell you, it feeeels good!!! I love not having homework, and I love having a college degree under my belt. However, im definitely in a transition phase and its a little odd to just preoccupy myself with organizing and re organizing every room and closet in our apartment. I am on the lookout for jobs and and currently still subbing at my old one.

And then I am getting ready and doing all the paperwork for Brigham and I to go to PERU!!! Thats right :) We will be travelling to the beautiful city of Cusco. We leave at the end of April and come back at the end of June. We will be volunteering in medical areas of need---mostly hospitals that need people to take vitals, help move patients and translate for others. I cant even begin to express my excitement to go!!! I have always wanted to go to South America and do humanitarian work. And to be able to speak spanish for two months straight??? STOKED. Im also a little anxious because we dont really know what to expect, but we are so excited to go on this adventure together!!

And we are also so excited to get to know the Peruvian people and Incan roots in the region.... We will also get to see this beauty. Cant wait!!!!