Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crandall Cousin Party!!

My whole life, my parents have shown and taught my siblings and I the importance of family! I remember many long road trips going to weddings, holidays, reunions, and family visits. I cherish those memories playing with my cousins, having my Grandpa chase us down the hall saying "flat footed flat feet", eating delicious homemade treats, and playing at the cabin!

Here are some old pictures I found :)

The Rachel's and Rebecca's!

Alexa and I with our Party Hats

The Cabin

I also admire how close my parents are with their siblings! My mom is always chatting with her sisters or brothers, and my Dad just went on the 'annual' trip with all his siblings! I love how they are always there to support one another, no matter what. I hope that when my siblings and I are older and have our own individual families, we can be that close as well.

Anyways, this past Friday night we had a CRANDALL COUSIN PARTY! There are so many of us in the Provo/SLC area going to school or almost out that I decided to throw a party so we could all catch up before everyone leaves!

We had some delicious food (being Crandall's it's a requirement) including pizza, and yummy desserts

Strawberry-lime shortcake
mint brownies

We also called Grandma! She was soooo happy to hear from all of us!! in her words, "Oh, how WONDERFUL!!"

Grandma looking regal with her bottle of Coke and popcorn ball!

I am so glad we were all able to catch up before:

Kathryn and Nate head to Boston (Kathryn is going to Boston University to get her PhD!)!

Melanie and Nick go to Creighton for Medical School and become parents!

Lynne goes to Toronto for her Mission!

                                              Here are all the 'Crandall' girls :)

The whole group! (minus Brigham)

Thanks so much for coming guys!! I loved talking about cooking blogs, hemoglobin, needles (sorry Nate!), and our future adventures!

And thank you, Brigham, for helping me clean and cook :) I love you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes I like scrap booking inspirational quotes :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Good Life

Can I just say that coming home and having NO homework, tests, or school stress is SOOOO NICE!!! People always say that once your out of school, you will miss the days of being a student.... well I don't--at least not yet. It has been sooo nice to go to work and then come home and relax, maybe cook a good dinner, settle down with a good book, or (lets be honest) watch another episode of some silly addictive TV show.

Right now I am working two part time jobs. The first is the same job I have had for the past 2 1/2 years as a physical therapy technician. I treat patients (ultrasound, E-STEM, etc) before they see the therapists and I love being able to interact with all the patients! One great thing about therapy is that you get to see the same people 3x a week instead of 2x a year, so you get to build stronger relationships with everyone that comes in.

My other job is at a flower shop!! Click here to know more :)

Come check us out on University Ave, right before Center St

I get to arrange flowers etc and its pretty awesome. Valentine's week was insane, but it was a lot fun! My family came out for Presidents Day Weekend (drove in at midnight on Valentines Day to be exact) so my dad recruited my new arranging skills to make floral arrangements for my mom, my sister and I.

these are the flowers I made

Brigham and I had a wonderful Valentines Day! After picking me up from working all day at the flower shop, we went to a yummy Indian restaurant in Orem. For some reason the decorum of little India reminded me of what Madam Puddifoots tea shop would look like in the Harry Potter novels (the shop in Hogsmeade where all the couples went, you know with stuffy, paired off tables etc?). I thought it was pretty sweet not only because I LOVE Harry Potter but also because it was perfect for V-day... The tiny restaurant was full of couples.... Except for the nice man eating by himself right next to us :( Brig thought he got stood up :(:( How much would that suck on Valentines day? After dinner we headed over to go to the movies! We were gonna see Safe Haven but of course it was all sold out so we saw Beautiful Creatures instead (it was surprisingly witty), and of course we had to stop by sweet tooth fairy beforehand so we could sneak in yummy cupcakes into the theater! That place is ADDICTING.

  After the movie we speeded home to greet my family that had already arrived and was waiting for us to get home.

When my family was here we skied at Deer Valley on Saturday and it was beautiful!! Of course, my dad had his annual ski race and without my cousin Brian or Jeff there to beat him, he won.  However, Brigham has become as good as me in skiing and he has been like not even 10 times (our kids will be experts!). Thank you BYU ski class. 

We also took my younger sister Becca and her best friend Glenna on tour of BYU! The weekend after they came they got their ACCEPTANCE LETTERS!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! I am so excited to have my lil sis here with me in Provo!!! I know she is gonna love it :)

Congrats Becca! Im excited to be reunited:)