Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer 2014

So its been over a year since I have blogged, obviously I'm not the best at keeping this thing updated... sorry!! I am going to try and be better, especially now that we are starting our family so soon because I want to make this my journal of sorts.

The past few months have been extremely crazy for us, but have been so exciting as we start our new chapter in our new city!! Here is a timeline to our summer!

June 11th- packed up our apartment in Provo and moved to my parents house in Colorado

June 29th- Family Time and Becca's missionary farewell in Colorado, I already miss her!

Love this little guy!!


June 30th- Brigham gets into SLUmed! (He was on their waitlist, and the waitlists for WashU and Colorado)

July 2nd- Took Becca to the airport to report to the Mexico MTC

My cute parents waited and watched Becca go through the security line for 30 minutes--it was 5:00 in the morning.

July 8-10th- Brigham and I headed to St. Louis to find housing, tour the medical campus and get to know STL

Lafayette Park (right by our new place!)

EVERYONE we know from STL told us we had to go to Ted Drewes, it was so good in the hot humidity!
We were so lucky to stay with my uncle Evan and aunt Susan while we explored our new city! They are the BEST hosts and we feel so spoiled and lucky to live so close!! We feel so blessed to have them nearby and I am so excited for Baby Ben to get to know them as he grows up!

My sweet uncle Evan took us out in his Ferrari!! He could definitely rival Uncle Monte's need for speed... lets just say I was holding on to my baby belly for dear life.

Brigham couldnt help but swim in their pool!! If you didn't know already, pools are Brigham's favorite summer activity. He would be a fish in a different life. 

July 10-16th- played in Colorado and started a LOT of DIY projects before we moved (more to come on that later)

July 17th-18th Moved in our big Penske and trailer AGAIN from CO to MO
Kansas is a really boring drive
July 19th-22nd Move in and explored our new neighborhood in Lafayette Square. We loveeee our new neighborhood!! Its a 5 min drive to Brigham's school, and its less than a block from this amazing park, which has a pond where you can fish, community gardens (see below), a huge playground, and events most Saturdays (free concerts and movies in the park)

my New Happy Place, I am also so proud of this picture

We don't live in one of these cute Victorian townhomes, but they are on all sides of the Park and I cant wait until it cools off enough for me to go on walks by them with Baby B

July 23rd-26th- We flew back to Colorado for a quick trip and a Baby Shower for me and Baby B!! The Wendell's SPOILED me and baby rotten with delicious food, amazing people, and beautiful gifts 

How cute is that watermelon baby?!?

The amazing hosts!! Molly and I have been best friends since 1st grade :)

My 2nd grade (and favorite) teacher! She HAND KNITTED those cute booties and an amazing baby quilt with sailor ships on it.
July 26th- August 2nd- We flew to Utah for the Barzee family reunion! It was the first time that I had ever been with all the Barzee's at once and I LOVED it!! 

The Grandkids singing Primary songs

How cute are my nieces? They are OBSESSED with Studio C so we took them to the BYU Broadcasting building

At Harry Potter's Birthday Party at the Wall

On August 1st, we got to go to Brian and Carissa's wedding!! We love Carissa and are so excited that she has joined the family! We were lucky enough to get to know the cute couple while they dated in Provo :)


All the Siblings!!

Lovin on these two before we left!! We were so lucky to get to see the Ashton family every week when we were in Provo, and I'm already going through withdrawals! I miss them!
August 3rd- We quickly flew back to STL so Brigham could attend his White Coat Ceremony!! It was held at the beautiful cathedral! I couldn't be more proud of him!! 

So excited for him to start his medical journey!!

We also got to go to the Cardinals vs Red Sox game during orientation week!! Thank you SLUmed
So needless to say, we had 5 flights, one 16 hour road trip, a wedding, baby shower, a move in party, and family reunion all within a month. It was CRAZY but we are so glad we are here and now just getting ready to meet our darling baby boy!