Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This past December, Brigham and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary and Benny turned 3 months!!

We couldn't really celebrate on our anniversary because Brigham had his big test the next day, but we did order take out from Baida (this delicious Moroccan restaurant here in STL) and Brigham got me flowers! Also when we were in KC for Christmas break we celebrated by going to see Unbroken and eating Indian food afterward, sooo good! Can you tell we love ethnic food? Brigham always jokes that he cannot wait until we have a bigger food budget so he can eat Asian food everyday.

We have had an awesome and exciting past year!! Brigham graduated from BYU, we moved to Colorado, and then to St. Louis, started medical school, and had our beautiful baby boy!!

Reminiscing through old wedding photos

Our year in Review with Pictures

I feel very lucky to have Brigham as my husband!! He is kind, smart, very funny, and hardworking. He knows how to calm me down when I am being over-dramatic, and to help me focus on whats most important. He can make me laugh at any given time, and he is an amazing father to Benny! Seriously, he is such a good, and PROTECTIVE dad. He knows whats best for his little guy and he is determined to help him grow into a strong, happy, healthy, and smart little boy. I am so grateful for his help as we learn and grow as parents! 

Benny is now 3 months old and has learned some new tricks!! Our favorite so far is his laugh!! For a while, when he was really happy or when we would tickle him he would just oooh and ahhh a lot and even squeal, but now he actually giggles!! 

Ben has also learned to grab at things a lot more!! He especially likes to grab my shirt, or tissue paper if we put it by him. Blankets are another favorite, and he usually brings them right to his mouth and sucks on them. He actually tries to suck on everything, but his favorite are his hands. No fail, if the Binky is out he has wiggled his hands up to his mouth and sucks away.  Slobber gets everywhere, but its pretty cute. I seriously hope this doesn't mean he is teething already. 

Other developments are that he can pretty much hold up his head when we hold him, and he is starting to get better at being on his tummy. He hates tummy time, but Ive found that if I help him roll on his side, and he finishes the rest by going on his tummy its not so bad. Poor guy has a HUGE head which is in the 98% (compared to the 50 and 60 percentiles for height and weight) so its been hard for him to lift it up at the 45 degree angle. But we make him do it anyways.

He still looooves to sing and has started doing different tones while he coo's. At times it seems like he is starting to babble, but we will see. He has accidentally said mama though a number of times--I love it!

Its also very nice to see that he is starting to play with his toys! Before, he would just suck on them if I had shoved them in his hands, but now he will grab them and play.

Here are some of my favorite pictures this month!! 

love that double chin!!
We sure love our little guy and are loving watching him develop and grow into the cute, strong, and smart boy that he is!

Coming soon, Christmas in KC!!