Saturday, October 11, 2014

Little Benny Boy

We couldn't be MORE excited to welcome our newest member of the family!!

We truly are so happy to have him in our world

This little guy is just the best. He loves snuggling and cuddling with mom, and loves play time and listening to classical music with dad. He loves to just hang out with us and intently stare at our faces, the ceiling, or anything that interests him with those big eyes. He is definitely one of the most alert babies I've ever seen. He is a great eater and an even better sleeper. With permission from our pediatrician, we get to let him sleep as long as he wants (YES!!!!). The record was 6.5 hours in between feedings, but it usually is around 4 hours, and for a newborn thats pretty impressive. He loves sucking on his hands, and most recently his binkie. His halo is a MUST because he just breaks out of the snuggest of swaddles.

We couldn't be more in love with him and his curious nature. The adjustment has gone surprisingly well, but we give all the credit to this little dude (and my amazing mother, who was here to help me for the first two weeks after he was born). We keep crossing our fingers that he keeps on being our angel baby.

Brigham is seriously the best dad! I was mentally trying to prepare myself for the worst, thinking he wouldn't be very helpful because he would be so busy with medical school, but boy was I wrong! Every time he comes home, he offers to take the monitor and let me sleep, he happily changes diapers (whaaaa???) and he loves cuddling and playing with his son. He offers to get me my favorite foods (Panera and Q'doba are at the top of the list) before coming home and he watches Ben so I can go run errands or go outside so Im not cooped up all day. Ben adores him and so do I. It has been such a blessing and joy to watch my partner in crime and best friend transition into fatherhood. I feel so lucky to have him and his help. 

Anyways, enough sappy gushing, here are some pictures of our little man!!

Meeting for the first time in the hospital

When my mom was here, we did a photo shoot with all his cute outfits! He was 9 days old when we took these

 He was completely alert the whole time!! Im so happy with the way the photos turned out!!!

Here are some more from our iPhones!

such a good Daddy!

Our first park outing!

Tummy time!! According to Brigham, he has rolled over on his back twice. And he is not even 3 weeks old

Love them
As Brig constantly tells him, "We love you, Little Benny Boy"